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Interior design tips from Brook & Peony

Émilie Desjarlais, interior stylist at Brook & Peony, answers your design questions by revamping a condo at NOVIA. 

Create a remarkable interior design

Émilie presents simple, accessible tips that will help you achieve a decor you’ll love. 

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Where to start?

Whether the idea of starting a new decorating project seems exciting or stressful, Émilie Desjarlais’s tips will help. 

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How do you add warmth to your interior?

Textures, shapes and colours are all part of creating a warm interior. 

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How to create a harmonious living space?

This expert stylist presents inspiring design compositions to achieve a balanced decor. 

Émilie Desjarlais, a content creator and stylist, helps people create pleasing living spaces. Her greatest strength is her endless creativity.