Sustainable and Liveable - NOVIA

Sustainable building at a human scale.

Welcome to NOVIA—a high-efficiency rental complex that is good for you and good for the environment. The building’s green roofs help reduce the heat island effect, while its modern waste and water management promotes large-scale resource conservation and its efficient design reduces energy costs. Because we always focus on human well-being, each unit features large windows for abundant natural light.

To create a complex thought for you, but thought for tomorrow, we have chosen partners who share our values ​​and our attention to detail. The NOVIA is the result: an inspiring, warm, responsible and human-oriented living space.

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NOVIA: an ecological lifestyle in a rental building

To be an inspiring model, we’ve set the bar high and gone beyond what is required by the industry. By designing a highly efficient sustainable building and working with specialists in different fields of expertise, we have created a place that significantly improves our residents’ quality of life. 

To reduce the environmental impact, we chose a central location—allowing active transportation—and focused on a nature-friendly approach. At NOVIA, making your life remarkable is at the centre of everything. 

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Balcony thermal breakers

Celebrate summer on your patio and keep your feet warm during winter. Discover the thermal breaks that separate the slab from the floor in each unit. 

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Energy-efficient air exchangers

A breath of fresh air! The energy recover ventilator installed in each unit refreshes the air and helps reduce heating and cooling needs. This system explained in less than a minute

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Intelligent energy exchanger heat pump system

An innovative system for sharing heat and cool between apartments? Discover how this method ensures considerable energy savings and keeps you comfortable during summer and winter. 

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Efficient building envelope

Energy-efficient exterior facades manufactured and assembled in Quebec to protect you from heat waves and cold. Discover this eco-friendly, local production method.  

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Green spaces

The urban gardens and NOVIA woodland offer you a breath of nature in the city! Not only do they allow you to enjoy the benefits of nature, but they also naturally reduce the heat in your home by absorbing the sun’s rays. Take care of yourself and the planet.

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Life of proximity

Discover how the close-knit living at Novia promotes green transportation and aligns your daily life with Quebec’s ecological goals for 2035. Comfort, ecology, and mobility, all in one. 


A high-performance ventilation system and an incredibly tight building envelope to prevent pollutant infiltration into the building guarantee superior indoor air quality.


NOVIA’s energy efficiency is 18% higher than required by the National Energy Code for Buildings. This high rate was reached by installing superior insulation, isolated thermal bridges, an energy loop heating system and energy-efficient windows, among other features.


The lighting at NOVIA was designed by professionals to ensure a warm atmosphere while maximizing visual comfort. The large windows in each room promote abundant daylight, creating a radiant environment. In addition, the brightness of our common areas has been adjusted to limit the impact on the circadian cycle.


Acoustic professionals actively participated in the design of the NOVIA building. Their technical knowledge allowed us to ensure optimal acoustic comfort for all occupants. Rooms such as open and closed offices, quiet spaces and hallways are adequately sealed off with sound masking. In addition, the floors are equipped with an acoustic membrane to block noise between them.


Wanting to offer a building that is accessible to all, the NOVIA team respected universal design through every construction phase. The multi-purpose building creates an environment where tenants, neighbours, workers and restaurant owners feel welcomed. Open outdoor spaces such as terraces and a multitude of common areas promote human connections, every day.


Physical activity is a priority at NOVIA. A fitness room and a pool, with access to showers and a changing room, are available for all tenants. In the surroundings, accessible bike paths and sidewalks are perfect for morning jogging, late-afternoon walks and weekend bike rides. In the basement, bicycle storage facilities are offered to occupants.

Water efficiency

NOVIA was designed to reduce drinking-water consumption to preserve this precious resource. To achieve this goal, the building’s plumbing fixtures, such as the toilet and faucets, are WaterSense certified, making water consumption more efficient.

Healthy lifestyle

Inspired by nature, the furnished roof terraces and inner yard boast zen vibes. NOVIA also offers spaces such as a swimming pool, a yoga room and a lounge where you can relax and unwind.


NOVIA is located in a TOD space (a place focused on public transport). Nearby, many transportation options make getting from one place to another simple while promoting active transportation. 

Once the construction is completed, the underground parking lot will contain a total of 90 charging stations for electric vehicles. This way, NOVIA encourages alternatives to conventional fuel cars, promoting reduced pollution. We even make an electric car available for tenants

Because the NOVIA team cares about our planet, parking spaces will be limited, reducing the environmental impact associated with them—such as land consumption, rainwater runoff and automobile dependency. The underground multi-storey parking considerably minimizes heat islands while bike storage facilities promote using a bicycle instead of a car—a great way to reduce the distance travelled by vehicles.


NOVIA’s prime location, close to many means of public transportation, limits the distance travelled by vehicles. Because NOVIA is a few steps away from the Longueuil–Université-de-Sherbrooke metro and various bus stops, access to public transit is simple and efficient.

NOVIA is located in a neighbourhood where everything is within walking distance—grocery stores, pharmacies, retail stores, schools, restaurants, parks and other amenities—allowing residents to do their shopping on foot rather than by car. 

At NOVIA, residents enjoy stunning scenery and can connect with nature at a whole new level. Many terraces offer a spectacular view of the river, downtown Montreal and the Monteregian Hills.


Tenants and neighbours can indulge in a tasty meal at the restaurant located in the NOVIA building. The complex is also a stroll away from grocery stores and restaurants. Garden beds, located on the terraces of the 8th floor, allow occupants to grow their own herbs and vegetables.