NOVIA | Aligned with your lifestyle

Remarkable design. Remarkable life.

Say hello to comfort, well-being, great location, nature-friendly lifestyle and endless possibilities. At NOVIA, you’ll have more than a remarkable environment—you’ll have a remarkable life.

Remarkable life

NOVIA is way more than a rental complex designed for today and tomorrow—it is a place where life happens. From amenities to accessibility and sustainable development, everything has been imagined to create a welcoming setting where you can cherish precious memories⁠—because what matters most is to feel good at home.

Remarkable neighbourhood

Situated in the heart of new Longueuil⁠—a trendy, charming neighbourhood—each newly constructed rental home is the perfect starting point for all your adventures. A nearby metro station, accessible highways and convenient bicycle paths allow you to explore interesting places with ease.

Remarkable spaces to connect

NOVIA boasts common areas designed to create great human connections. Between the indoor pool, the roof terrace, the community garden and the coffee shop, you’ll have many spaces to share memorable moments with the ones you love.

Remarkable lifestyle

Whether you’re looking for a studio, a townhouse for your family or an apartment close to your school, we have the perfect accommodation for you. NOVIA is an accessible luxurious rental building designed with your comfort and lifestyle in mind.

Remarkable green building

We have created a sustainable environment where human well-being is at the centre. The entire complex is a high-efficiency building designed to use less energy, resulting in cost savings and a positive impact on the planet.


From a studio to a 6½, NOVIA offers a wide range of high-end rental apartments. Find the perfect one for you with our plan selector.

Office space

In the summer of 2023, Groupe KO and its subsidiaries (KOTV, KOScène, KO Média, KO Éditions, KO24 and Véro & Louis Foundation) will move in! They will work out of the commercial office space of NOVIA 1, located on the second floor.

Restaurant space

On the ground floor, tenants and neighbours can enjoy a tasty meal in a 3,000 sq. ft. restaurant.

Our collaborators

NOVIA is delighted to welcome beloved host Pierre-Yves Lord and talented Team Canada speed skater Kim Boutin, as well as content creator and stylist Émilie Desjarlais of Brook & Peony among its collaborators.   

With the addition of this visionary artist to our community, NOVIA continues to shine as an exceptional place to live that attracts creative and talented minds. Join us in this environment where comfort, proximity and efficiency combine harmoniously, offering a unique and enriching living experience.   

We are proud to create a diverse community where inspiration and innovation thrive, thanks to exceptional collaborators such as Pierre-Yves Lord, Kim Boutin and Émilie Desjarlais.

Kim Boutin

Pierre-Yves Lord

Brook & Peony

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