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The NOVIA complex is home to a wide range of high-end apartments designed for people of today and tomorrow. Acoustic windows, efficient building envelope, reduction of heat islands and modern management of waste and watereverything has been thought out to make it a remarkable, sustainable building.

Unit types

Loft ― Unavailable
(from 445 sq. ft.)
1 bedroom starting at $1,805/month
(from 541 sq. ft. to 769 sq. ft.)
2 bedrooms starting at $2,195/month
(from 788 sq. ft. to 1,100 sq. ft.)
3 bedrooms starting at $2,885/month
(from 980 sq. ft. to 1,692 sq. ft.)
4 bedrooms ― Unavailable
(from 1,425 sq. ft. to 1,518 sq. ft.)
starting at $2,580/month
(from 867 sq. ft. to 2,167 sq. ft.)
All townhouses are on two levels.

Indoor parking ($)

Indoor storage ($)

Rent includes

Air conditioning


Utilities ,
(heating, electricity
and hot water)

Five in-unit appliances


NOVIA's accessible and sustainable high-end apartments have been designed for everyone's well-being.

Private balconies equipped with an energy-efficient thermal break

High-quality soundproofing

6' acoustic windows

Independent air conditioning and air exchanger

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